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9 Ways to Increase Comments On Your Online Platforms

OnDemand Webinar (74 minutes)

You're Publishing Great Content, Why Aren't People Commenting?

You've spent hours and hours creating and publishing content to increase your online presence, however no one seems to be commenting.

What does it take to get them to comment?

Your content is competing with thousands of other blogs and other diversions, so how do you grab their attention and encourage them to share their reaction? This OnDemand Webinar will explore ways to encourage comments, as well as identify alternative ways people acknowledge your content.

5 Reasons to Order:

  • Learn the ingredients necessary to create an environment that encourages comments
  • Discover how to amplify your content in order to increase the number of people likely to comment
  • Learn how commenting on other people's content can benefit your own content
  • Learn how to make it easy for your readers to nteract with your content
  • Understand how to respond to comments


Dawn Westerberg, Dawn Westerberg Consulting, LLC


Act First

• Comment on Other People's Content

Ask for Comments

• At the End of the Post

• Through Social Media

• In Your Newsletter, Email Signature, etc.

• Invite Friends to Seed Comments

• Reward Comments - Customers, Prospects

Invite Other Opinions

• Idea Is to Spark Conversation

• Spam and Trolls

• Moderate - but Don't Edit

• Disagreement Fuels Comments

Encourage Readers to Share Their Experience

Include Links to Other Content

• Sometimes Called 'Link Bait'

• Curated Lists of Articles (Links) That Will Get the Authors to Visit Your Blog

• Embedded Links (Operating Much Like Footnotes) in Your Content

Acknowledge, If Appropriate, Those Who Inspired Your Post

• They Are Likely to Comment

• They Are Likely to Share Your Post With Their Audience

Expand Your Audience

• Use Tools: StumbleUpon®, Twitter®, Facebook®, Google+®

• Circulate Your Posts at Different Times (, Buffer, HootSuite, Etc.)

Make It Easy to Comment

• Forms and Captures Can Act as Coolers

Respond Quickly to Comments (ABCs)

• Acknowledge

• Bond

• Comment on Comments

Don't Be Discouraged If an Article Doesn't Attract a Lot of Comments

• Most Popular Posts Sometimes Have No Comments

Alternatives to Comments That Are Just as Beneficial (Maybe More Beneficial!)

• In Person Responses

• Analytics

• Blog Article Life-To-Date Clicks

• Subscription to RSS Feed

• Responses on Social Media Platforms

• Call to Action