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Sales in Today's New Economy: Selling No Longer Has Anything to Do With Selling

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

The way customers buy, select suppliers, build relationships, and view sales people has dramatically changed with the internet. Yet, many sales organizations continue to sell as they did ten or twenty years ago. Order this OnDemand Webinar and learn about alternative sales strategies for your sales team that helps minimize commoditization, reduce long selling cycles, and decrease rampant sales force inefficiencies.


Richard Farrell, Tangent Knowledge Systems


Selling Has Nothing to Do With Selling

The Harder You Sell the Harder It Is to Sell

Selling by Its Very Nature so Often Produces the Exact Opposite Effect

The Object Isn't Just to Win It Is to Win Efficiently and Lose Quickly If You Are Going to Lose

The Sales Person With Least Emotional Investment in the Outcome of the Sale Will Consistently Outsell the Sales Person Who Is the Most Enthusiastic and Excited

Your Value Proposition Is Essentially Valueless

You Are Paid and Rewarded for Your Questions Not Your Answers

The Sales Person Who Does the Best Job of Understanding the Customer's Problems, Business and Operations Will Consistently Outsell the Sales Person With the Best Solution, Product and Price

The Best Presentation Is the Customer Presenting Their Problems to You