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Beat the Status Quo: How to Effectively Differentiate Yourself From the Competition

OnDemand Webinar (29 minutes)

As a marketer or salesperson, you likely assume that you are engaged in a direct war against your traditional competition, but in reality, there is a third and far less anticipated enemy - the status quo. In fact, up to 60% of today's qualified sales leads end in "no decision." To grow your business, you need to understand the root causes of the status quo barrier and then learn how to defeat those causes.

Purchase this OnDemand Webinar and learn effective techniques, such as visual storytelling, to create compelling positioning and messaging in your campaigns and conversations. Namely, you will learn how to elevate your messaging to rise above the traditional spec war or "bake-off" in order to differentiate your company from the competition and create a "buying vision." By illustrating how your solution/company will help prospects overcome challenges and achieve their goals, you will create the buying vision that will help break through the status quo barrier to create more opportunities and win more deals.


Tim Riesterer, Corporate Visions, Inc.


Find out Why 'Why Change' Messaging Is More Powerful Than 'Why You' Messaging When It Comes to Differentiating Your Solution and Creating Urgency to Change

Learn the Four Causes of the Status Quo Barrier That Lead to 'No Decision' and How You Can Overcome Them to Create More Opportunities and Lead Change

Get a Proven Storytelling Model to Help You Create and Deliver Messages That Are Remarkable, Memorable and Cause Customers to Want to Choose You