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Optimizing Your Website for Google® Penguin and Panda

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Google® has been known to change its search algorithm (algo) up to 600 times a year. The majority of these changes are minor, yet every few months Google® releases a major algo update that affects their search results in a substantial way. The challenge for search marketers is keeping up to speed on the Google® updates and knowing how they impact keyword rankings and organic website traffic. Websites that remain unaffected by Panda and Penguin are still subject to be impacted by future Google® updates. Google's® most recent update, named Penguin, has had a negative impact on many sites across all industries. This new update was publically announced during the last week of April 2012. Websites that once had high rankings may now be experiencing a major drop in overall search visibility.

Experts speculate the following reasons for ranking drops include:

  • Bad link profiles and lack of diversity
  • Participating in blog linking networks or other manipulative linking practices
  • Scraped or duplicate content
  • Poor user experience

This OnDemand Webinar is critical for search engine marketing managers to identify the impact of Google's® major updates, and an action plan on how to regain lost rankings and traffic. Even if your website hasn't been affected by Panda and Penguin, can you be sure the next update won't have an impact on rankings on traffic? Learn ways to future-proof your online marketing efforts and achieve sustainable rankings and traffic that keep your business thriving online for years to come.

5 Reasons to Order

  • Learn about the latest Google® updates
  • Discover if your site has been impacted by Panda or Penguin
  • Find out how to take action to regain rankings and traffic
  • Hear ways on how to future-proof your online marketing efforts
  • Listen to predictions on what Google® may update next


Kurt Krejny, Fathom


Google® Panda Update

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• The Impact

• Taking Action

Google® Penguin Update

• What It Is/Timeline

• The Impact

• Taking Action

Future-Proof Your Website Optimization

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• Off-Site

• Technical

• Conversions