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Best Practices for Delivering Remote Presentations and Meetings

OnDemand Webinar (45 minutes)

As virtual presentations and meetings are being used more frequently to connect teams in various locations, this high-tech communications platform also brings with it a unique set of challenges. Remote communications are a great way to save time and travel expenses efficiently linking team members, clients and customers in multiple locations. However, using this medium effectively requires expanding your traditional presentation skill set.

The ability to lead an impactful online demonstration, education / planning session or a webinar requires establishing a strong remote presence. This OnDemand Webinar will help you understand how to outline a memorable presentation while keeping a remote audience engaged and involved. Visuals are a key element to keeping an audience engaged. This and other techniques to enhance the listener's experience and create a lasting impact will be revealed and discussed.

This program is critical for anyone who finds themselves presenting frequently in a virtual environment.


Sally Williamson, Sally Williamson and Associates


Uniqueness of Remote Presentations

• Misconceptions of the Remote Medium

• Expectations of a Remote Audience

• What You Can Accomplish/What You Can't

• Best Use of Remote Mediums

Framing the Remote Conversation

• Defining a Clear Message/Takeaway

• Framing the Flow of the Conversation

• Creative Ways to Gain Audience Involvement

• The Impact of Stories and Examples

• The Power of Visual Impact

Creating Lasting Impressions With Remote Audiences

• Establishing a Remote Presence

• Powering up the Voice

• Gaining Engagement and Involvement