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Top Strategies For Selling To Executives In a Virtual World

OnDemand Webinar (96 minutes)

As the pace of business continues to accelerate, selling to executives using outdated 20th century methods no longer works. Trying to get the attention of your best prospects by utilizing traditional, intrusive practices only pushes them further away. Sales professionals who are not leveraging time-tested, proven sales skills with modern social media tools are dinosaurs but don't realize it yet. This OnDemand Webinar enables sales managers and their salespeople to understand how the landscape of professional selling has changed dramatically in recent years. The program clearly explains how to incorporate best of breed selling skills with social media for prospect identification, lead generation, business development, and client acquisition purposes. You will gain an understanding of how to best use social tools to grow their "Know-Like-Trust Factor" resulting in access to their best executive prospects. This program will also teach how to develop a TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness) process which results in the modern salesperson positioning themselves as the go-to-resource in their industry. This OnDemand Webinar is mandatory viewing for salespeople looking to dramatically increase their sales results.


Miles Austin, Fill the Funnel, Inc.


How to Use Social Media for Massive Lead Generation

• An Overview of the Advanced Search Functions of Linkedin® and Twitter®

• Keyword Drilling Through Social Media

• Mining the Greatest Databases Ever Created

Positioning Yourself as the Go-To-Resource in Your Industry

• LinkedIn® Profile Optimization

• Vertical Expert Twitter® Strategies

• Leveraging Social Media Automation Tools

Staying Top-Of-Mind Grows Your Know-Like-Trust Factor

• Your Know-Like-Trust Factor Is Your Greatest Differentiator

• How to Never Be Perceived as a Stalker, Spammer, or Pest

• Creating a Referral Generation Machine