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Expanding the Whole Leader's Influence to Achieve Strategic Objectives

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

We all recognize the importance of leadership development, but all too often organizations take a limited approach to it. They frequently focus piecemeal on only one or two development areas and thus fail to provide their leaders the broad knowledge, skills and tools they need to fully realize their potential and contribute to the company's success.

This OnDemand Webinar will address this concern and challenge the traditional approach of developing management and leadership skills separately. This program will present a leadership development model with an ongoing, action-oriented process that focuses comprehensively on four key aspects of a leader's role within an organization: personal credibility, business leadership, business management, and talent management. We will reveal how developing leaders in all four areas can positively change a leader's ability to influence his or her colleagues and achieve greater business results.


Andrea Moore, CPLP, CEC, FlashPoint


Explore the Four Key Aspects of the Whole Leader

• Personal Credibility

• Business Leadership

• Business Management

• Talent Management

Learn Four Techniques for Ensuring Long-Term, Positive Impact on an Organization By:

• Involving Participants' Managers in the Participants' Development Process

• Aligning Program Content With Business Strategy

• Applying Participants' New Skills to Real Business Issues

• Activating the Development Plans Through Coaching and/or Mentoring Throughout the Process

Review a Five-Step Process for Developing a Leadership Program That Is Aligned With the Business Strategy

• Define Outcomes and Success Measures, and Determine the Competencies for Successful Leadership in an Organization

• Conduct a Needs Analysis to Understand the Skills Required of Leaders in an Organization

• Develop the Program Framework, Including Such Aspects as Competency Development, Content Outline, Participant Criteria, and Development Activity Options

• Develop the Core Curriculum; Build Program Content and Determine the Most Effective Delivery Method for Each Aspect of the Program

• Execute the Implementation Plan, Which Could Include a Pilot of Key Aspects of the Program; Build in Feedback Mechanisms to Evaluate Program Success