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Integrating LinkedIn(R) with Your Search Strategies

OnDemand Webinar (55 minutes)

Your target online audience needs to know you are there, you are trustworthy, you are recommended and you are an expert in your field. Once they know this, you and your company will have an abundance of new, qualified leads. Conversely, if they can't find you or do find you but you appear as a skeleton with almost no votes of client confidence, you will just sit and get old waiting for new, qualified leads. In today's web universe for business to business leads, LinkedIn® success and top visibility in natural search lead the way.

So, how can you make this happen against global competition online, both direct and indirect, saturated search marketplaces and millions of "experts" on LinkedIn®? Only by knowing how to first make a market position winning search strategy then combine that with a plan for a highly visible and engaging LinkedIn® presence for both you and your employees/colleagues/company, and finally, by then integrating your Search and LinkedIN strategies ongoing, for ultimate lead gen success.

This OnDemand Webinar shares guidelines for effective search strategies for your business, how to drive top rank for your LinkedIN profile and enagegement and how to use LinkedIN tools to drive credibility. Finally, how to set up and manage all your content vehicles, including your company blog, social pages and web site to drive brand transparency, search visibility and target engagement on the web.


Jasmine Sandler, Agent-cy Online Marketing, Inc.


Search Strategy and Social Media Overview

• Search Strategy Guidelines

• Social and Search Connection

• Content Integration

LinkedIn® Optimization

• How and When to Use LinkedIn® - Executive Profiling

• Your Profile, Your Employees Profile, Your Corporate Profile

• Visibility Plan in LinkedIn® - Keywords, Content, Point Person

• LinkedIn® Tools for Optimization - Contacts, Q&A, Groups

Connecting All the Visibility Points

• Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn®, Blog, Website Affecting Google®