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The Key to Superior Sales Persuasion: Verbal and Nonverbal Sales Secrets

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Do you know how to instantly read your clients?

Can you tailor your body language and arguments to fill their unconscious needs?

Your clients are always communicating with you. Do you know what they're saying? You are always communicating with your clients. Do you know what message you're sending? It's your responsibility to hear what clients are telling you and then give them your message in the way they need to hear it. The end result is a person that's open to what's being said and easily influenced because deep unconscious needs are being met and objections are eliminated or bypassed.


Traci L. Brown, Traci Brown, Inc.


How to Get People to Like You Using Only Body Language

How to Read Body Language

How to Uncover Deep Truths

How to Detect Lies

Leading and Pacing Your Client

Picking out the Unconscious Leader of a Group

How to Instantly Profile and Use Words That Reach Others Deeply Unconsciously