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Strategies for Retaining Unsubscribers

OnDemand Webinar (76 minutes)

A healthy email list is the foundation of all email marketing programs, but what happens when someone hits unsubscribe? Is that it? Is the relationship over? The good news is that the relationship is not over! What it does is open new channels of communication and provides you a way to improve all of your content that is distributed in all digital marketing. Looking beyond the unsubscribe, you learn how to improve the content that drives all online interaction and leverage social media, SEO and word of mouth to stay top of mind with your customers and engage new ones. After this OnDemand Webinar, you will have a practical and proactive plan to keep those who unsubscribe engaged and techniques to attract the new customers you want.

5 Reasons to Order

  • Discover how to use unsubscribe feedback to improve your current email program
  • Learn how to leverage social media, SEO and word of mouth to engage customers
  • Hear different techniques that will help you attract the customers you want
  • Find out what channels of communication, other than email, your customers prefer
  • Get the information you need to keep those who unsubscribe engaged


Heidi Tobias, Constant Contact


Unsubscribing From Your Emails: What Does It Really Mean?

• Leverage Feedback From Unsubscribe to Determine the Why and How to Improve Current Program

• Using the Feedback as a Gift to Increase the Relevance of the Content in Your Email Program and Other Digital Channels

• Unsubscribe Is Not the End of Your Relationship-Determine What Other Channels of Communication Are Right for the Individuals If Email Is Not Their First Choice

Cannot Get to the Inbox? There Are Many Other Easy Ways to Get Your Email Content Noticed

• Leverage Your Participation in Social Media Networks to Extend Your Content Reach and Power up Your Relationships

• Use the Power of Your Email Readers and Their Social Media Networks to Increase the Reach of Your Content

• Blogs, Search Engine Optimization and Communities Carry Your Email Content Beyond the Inbox and Top of Mind for Those Who Have Unsubscribed

Using Social Media and Other Digital Channels to Capture and Keep Online Attention

• Develop a Practical and Productive Social Media Marketing Strategy

• Use the Right Social Media Tools to Reach the Audience You Want

• Create the Best Content That Will Power Your Digital Communications and Keep Them Coming Back