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Group Buying Sites: Play or Pass

OnDemand Webinar (77 minutes)

The ever-changing group buying market is a fascinating space to watch from both industry and personal interest viewpoints. Lofty valuations, accounting irregularities, IPOs, advertising controversies and, of course, great consumer bargains are capturing mainstream news headlines for daily deals and group buying sites. But do they make sense as a marketing tactic for your business?

This OnDemand Webinar will provide a market overview of the group buying space and help evaluate the key factors in deciding if offering a group buying deal is right for your business.

5 Reasons to Order

  • Learn How to Evaluate and Decide If a Group Buying Offer Is Right for Your Business
  • Understand the Group Buying Sites Market - Why It Has Grown and What Challenges It Faces
  • Get to Know the Key Players in the Group Buying Space and How Deals Work
  • Gain Insights Into Consumer Adoption of Group Buying Sites
  • Discover Tips to Successfully Use Group Buying Offers as a Marketing Tactic


Chris Elder, THINK Interactive, Inc.


The Group Buying Landscape

• Market Overview

• Typical Group Buying Deal Structure

• Factors Driving the Growth of Group Buying Sites

• Key Players and Recent Developments in the Group Buying Space

Group Buying Deals From the Consumer Perspective

• Value and Relevance

• General Deals and Focused Niches

• National and Location-Specific Deals

• Email: Deal Fatigue and Compelling Messaging

• The Fulfillment Experience

• Mobile Contexts for Deals

Deciding If a Group Buying Offer Is Right for Your Business

• Marketing Objectives That Fit With Group Buying Sites

• New Customers and Cannibalization

• Brand Impact and Customer Experience

• Doing the Math: Net Deal Cost, Cost per Acquisition and Customer Lifetime Value

• Making the Decision

• Taking a Measured Approach

Getting the Most out of Group Buying Sites

• Tips for Optimizing Your Group Buying Program