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Utilizing Site Search Data to Understand Your Customer and Improve User Experience

OnDemand Webinar (53 minutes)

How can utilizing internal site search data significantly improve user experience and improve conversions? Order this OnDemand Webinar and learn how to implement site search tracking, gain insight into website roadblocks and implement changes based on data to give your site visitors what they are looking for. This is a comprehensive session designed for both entry level and intermediate level marketers seeking ways to improve user experience.

5 Reasons to Order

  • Find out how to implement site search tracking
  • Learn how to analyze site search data
  • Hear best practices for optimizing internal search
  • Discover tools that will help you analyze key metrics
  • Improve your customer experience and increase your bottom line!


Rachel Andersen,Anvil Media, Inc.


Overview of Site Search

• What Is Site Search?

• Why Site Search Data Is Important

Implementing Site Search Tracking

• Google® Analytics Set Up

• What If I Don't Have Site Search?

- How to Get It

- Google® Analytics Workarounds

Analyzing the Data

• Beginner's Analysis

- When Did Visitors Use Site Search?

- How Do Visitors Who Searched Compare to Those Who Didn't?

- What Terms Did Visitors Use?

- What Categories Did Visitors Search?

• Advanced Analysis

- Where Did Visitors Begin Their Searches?

- Which Pages Did Visitors Find?

- Are Visitors Getting the Right Content/Products?

- Are Visitors Refining Their Search Queries?

- How Often Do Visitors Leave the Site Directly After Using Site Search?

• Audience Segmentation

- Interest

- Research

- Consideration

Implementing Changes Based on Data

• How Can I Change My Site, Based on the Data?

- Optimize Internal Search (Best Practices)

- Test Page and Site Layout

- Add Content

- Offer New Products/Services/Features

• How Do I Know If My Changes Improved the User Experience?

- Key Metrics

- Tools (In Page Analytics and Google® Website Optimizer)


• Custom Reporting

• Trending