Seminar ID: 100693

Three Truths and a Lie About Client Acquisition and Loyalty

Presented By:
Art Hall

Senior Director
Alvarez & Marsal

You will Learn:

  • Practical application on how to obtain and defend client acquisition and loyalty.
  • The three cardinal truths in every sales pursuit and business development opportunity.
  • How to exploit the one lie that has been accepted as “urban legend” within most sales organizations.

Client acquisition and loyalty is created by a healthy balance of trust and authenticity: a prospective client has to believe what you say and the manner in which you will deliver the work. As a service provider, you have to be willing to be transparent with your prospective client throughout the entire engagement cycle. In other words, client acquisition and loyalty is not table stakes – you have to work hard to earn and keep their business. Watch this 10-minute segment of our full on-demand webinar, "Secrets of Successful Customer Onboarding," to learn how.