Seminar ID: 100615

Social Media Strategy: From Reputation Management to Conversions...And Beyond

Presented By:
Luke Glasner

Glasner Consulting

You will Learn:

  • How to use optimize online video for search engines
  • What analytics YouTube provides for your online videos
  • How social media has changed search engine optimization in recent years
  • What is Search Plus Your World (SPYW) and how it affects Google search engine results
  • Find out what else we’ll be talking about at Social Media Strategy: From Reputation Management to Conversions...And Beyond.

Register for this free 10 minute webinar to learn some valuable social media tips and tactics. We’ll have materials from two sessions: YouTube for Business, covering online video and Search and Social Integration, examining how social media has changed Search Engine Optimization in recent years. In the section on YouTube, you will learn tips for optimizing online video pages on YouTube for search engines, what kind of analytic data you can get from YouTube and how to track video using Google Analytics. In the section on Social and Social Integration, we’ll discuss the impact of social media on search engine optimization and how it has change SEO in recent years. We’ll also cover information on Search Plus Your World, Google’s personalized search results that have become the norm for Google users. Get advanced access to conference materials and learn some tactics you can start using now.