Seminar ID: 100710

Results Envy: Case Studies that Increase Sales

Presented By:
Gail Z. Martin

DreamSpinner Communications, LLC

You will Learn:

  • How to be successful using stories.
  • How to use testimonials effectively.
  • The ego/budget factor.
  • How to validate ROI.

Compelling case studies stand out by enabling prospects to feel the pain and imagine the rewards of their own successful outcome. A well-told case study, complete with a high-stakes problem and a high-value solution, makes “getting to yes” easier. In this 10 minute segment taken from my live upcoming webinar, “Results Envy: Case Studies that Increase Sales" which takes place on February 11, 2014, you’ll learn four reasons why “Results Envy” is essential to creating a case study that motivates listeners to action.