Seminar ID: 100245

What to do After You Botched a Marketing Email

Presented By:
Luke Glasner

Glasner Consulting

You will Learn:

  • Learn how to identify the scope and magnitude of the mistake
  • Understand how to respond to a botched email campaign
  • Discover key tips to avoid future mistakes

Have you ever sent an email with a broken link or a bad sale date? Mistakes happen to the best of email marketers, learn how to do damage control once they go out. In this 10-minute webinar, Luke Glasner will give you tactics for recovering after a botched email campaign and tips on how to avoid common errors. We’ll review subject lines from several mailers sending Oops emails as well as discuss an example from the field. Attendees will find out when they need to send an apology email or when a simple correction will suffice. We will also discuss the use of Make-Good offers in apology emails.