Seminar ID: 100832

How Buyers Buy Expertise

Presented By:
Lee Frederiksen

Managing Partner
Hinge Marketing

You will Learn:

  • The circumstances under which buyers seek out high visibility expertise.
  • About the mix of traditional and online channels that buyers use to find professional services providers and expertise.
  • About the evolving importance of online marketing and how it’s reshaping the professional services industry.

Professional services buyers are undergoing a major change. In this quick preview of our upcoming live webinar, “How Today’s Online Marketing is Reshaping the Professional Services Industry,” we will discuss how these new buyers seek out and purchase professional services and expertise. From a groundbreaking new research study on over 1,000 purchasers of professional services, we’ll cover the circumstances under which buyers need high visibility expertise and how they go about finding it. The webinar segment will highlight the role of online marketing in ensuring visibility to potential buyers.