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PowerPoint® Basics

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Learn everything you need to know to make a basic presentation including how to apply basic formatting, add text, and run a simple slide show.Even in today's online world, live, face-to-face presentations are still so crucial. That includes presentations of all types: training, sales, staff meetings, stock holder summaries, new company policies, church or organization meetings, fundraisers, etc. Microsoft® PowerPoint® is still the gold-standard of presentation tools. Because it comes with Microsoft® Office and Office 365, most computers have access to the program. But you still have to learn how to use this powerful program the proper way. This topic will show you the basics of getting started with PowerPoint®, and how to start to build impactful presentations. You will learn how to build a presentation from scratch, how to easily add a professional look and feel in just few clicks, how to add text, bullet lists, pictures, graphics, and other great features into your presentation to really start to bring your words to life.


Tom Fragale, The PC Guy