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Hiring Best Practices for Non-HR Managers

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Don't bring just anyone on your team. Learn to uncover deception and other red flags when moving through the hiring process.Most job candidates focus on putting their best foot forward, in their resume, their interview and their references. But you, as an employer, are not just hiring their best foot. You are hiring both feet. Your ability to uncover the 'real' person, not just the 'best parts' of a candidate, will often make the difference of a successful or failed hire. This topic helps the persons responsible for hiring uncover the 'real' person behind the interview. This will include: learning to spot common 'red flags' on resumes, in interviews and in references, learning how to set the tone to create an environment of 'truth,' and learning how to ask questions that paint a more accurate picture of the candidate's true skills and knowledge.


Norm Baker, Human Resources Leader

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