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Grow Your Business on Amazon® and Google® Shopping

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Learn tips, tricks, and best practices in utilizing Amazon® and Google® Shopping to grow your business.Selling on Amazon® is competitive, so you need an edge. You've experienced some success, but find managing your inventory and orders manually on Amazon® is an overwhelming task, and struggle to keep your inventory updated, items priced competitively, and orders shipped quickly. To take your business to the next level you need to leverage multi-tasking & automation software, streamline your operation, increase efficiency, and incorporate best practices into your strategy and workflow.
AdWords and Google® Shopping are popular tools to drive website traffic. Each time a customer clicks on a paid ad, the retailer is paying Google® - no matter if a purchase converts or not. This topic will demonstrate how to utilize Google® Shopping more efficiently and effectively to maximize net revenue. You'll learn how to launch campaigns, best practices to avoid wasted ad spend, and about the advanced analyses available to ensure the right customer market is being targeted. This information is imperative for individuals who are looking to make the most of their advertising dollars for Google® Shopping campaigns.


Brennan Burns, Monsoon Inc. Justin Jefferson, ROI Revolution, Inc.

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