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A Survival Guide to Being Politically Correct in the Workplace

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Copyright 2017
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Learn effective and creative strategies you can implement to be politically correct in the workplace while also avoiding legal pitfalls.In our current national climate, there are many who advocate for a reduction in political correctness in all walks of life, including the workplace. Many seasoned workers hearken back to a day when one could say whatever they wanted without repercussions and believe those who advocate political correctness are weak and hypersensitive. Others in the workforce point to today's diverse employee population that is multi-generational and includes those with different cultures from many countries, as well as those expressing their sexual orientation or gender identity. How does an employer balance these interests while managing productivity and corporate profit margins? This topic will help employers by providing an understanding of the legal landscape that governs these issues and identifying various pitfalls and will also offer practical suggestions on how to manage the political correctness minefield. Failing to grasp the issues facing today's changing workforce can lead to lower productivity and increased legal liability. This content is a must for any employer in today's polarized environment.


Jeffrey M. Schlossberg, Jackson Lewis P.C.

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