The Power of Social Media – Discover Your Strategy and Drive Results

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August 16, 2013 — 1,776 views  
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When used strategically and cleverly, social media plays out to be the most powerful tool for market research and marketing. Investing in setting up an online version of your business with popular social media sites will be instrumental in getting new business and expanding your customer base and support group.

The Need for a Strong Online Presence

A strong online presence will help your business take off in the right path to an increased customer influx and loyalty, along with a better customer experience. Online, you can make your presence felt 24x7 for the internet never sleeps. This effectively increases customer accessibility to your products and services. Say you sell clothes, your customers can shop from your online stores the very moment they have a purchasing urge. They don’t need to travel to your shop or wait in line to make the purchase. Your online presence will help you make a sale as soon as a customer is interested.

You’ll also be able to build your brand and increase customer loyalty while also building good online reputation. Company-customer interactions using posts, forums, comments, and tweets as well as several customer-generated reviews and testimonials are some great ways to do so.

Using electronic media, your sales and marketing efforts will also have a wider reach. You cut back on the costs of traditional marketing – printing, mailing, and billboard – by distributing content online. Your content will also help you sell your products and services more efficiently than actual salesmen sometimes. Customers like to buy but don’t like to be sold to. An informative, well written and attractive sales copy will attract the attention of your customers in a more relaxed way in contrast to the pushiness of a salesman.

Managing your Online Reputation Effectively

A well managed and governed online reputation will help your company become a relevant part of your customer’s online experience. When creating your website, using the company name as your domain name will make you easier to locate. To increase the search engine traffic to your website, include well written and informative content. This content could be related to your company, products, services or the industry in general. Interspersing heavy content with lighter, entertaining content about different marketing trends in your industry will help you stay fresh.

The best method perhaps to manage the good reputation you’ve built online is to stay in constant touch with your current customers while trying to engage the prospects. This can be done by being active on social media like Facebook, Twitter and the like. Communication can also be done via emails, blogs, and newsletters. When you mail out your newsletters and other content to customers, try not to sound utterly self promoting and never spam your customers. Keep mails rare, not more than two or four in a month.

Some Sites Particularly Useful for the Purpose

The recent market trend is to be present on professional as well as more recreational social media sites equally to augment customer experience.

Use sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, Upcoming, Digg, Technoratimedia, Answers.Yahoo, and Yelp to keep yourself updated with the existing market [g1] trends.

Associaton of Strategic Marketing