Five Ways to Engage Customers with Instagram

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August 9, 2013 — 1,503 views  
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Using Instagram, you can click a picture on your phone or tablet, apply any vintage filter that appeals to your imagination and then quickly apprise them to several social media sites in one go. But don’t let its fun and quirky ways fool you into thinking of it as an app with only entertainment value. Under all its playfulness and buoyancy is hidden a powerful marketing technique that most businesses fail to fathom.

Using Instagram as an integral part of their marketing strategy, business owners and marketing professionals can directly give their business names a face and then discover their sales increase and customer relationships flourish, better than ever before. The following tips may be useful when trying to engage customers on Instagram.

Build a Brand for Yourself

Using Instagram as a window into your life and not just your business will give your business a more humanizing touch. As a Director, President, Vice President or Manager, this will help you in engaging customers on a more personal level. Simple things like an Instagram photograph of your birthday present that your daughter made for you will add a human touch to your business page and more such fathers and daughters (for this example) will feel connected to you.

Parcel out your Expertise

Similar will be the effect if you use Instagram to share your expertise, documenting from start to end, in pictures, how to do something which you are good at. Your sharing of these expert advices, tips, and how-to’s, will help your customers realize that you care much more than just promoting your products and company. This will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Exploit the Power of Hashtags

Hashtags will enable you to indulge in prompt community engagement and also help keep track of the public sentiment about your product, service, and business in general. Using hashtags to search for words, terms and phrases related to your business, you will get to know what your customers and other users are saying about you.

Community engagement is another leverage the hashtags provide. Promptly responding to posts with hashtags related to your company will earn you the goodwill and loyalty of a happy customer who just got helped by you.

Fine Tune your Content

Using Instagram filters to completely alter the original look and feel of your product will do your business more harm than good. Sharing some exclusive behind the scenes photos instead, will be a more effective marketing strategy. Making use of user generated content is another great marketing strategy. While analyzing your hashtags, if you come across photos with effervescent reviews of your product, service or company, share it on your business page. This however must be done only after receiving the permission of the original user.

Stay Relevant - use Newly Launched Features and Tools

This will help you be on the same page as your users and provide more opportunities for marketing. The newly unveiled Instagram video for example has become the talk of the town and you can use it to share product demos, know-how’s and every other thing you want to share with your customers.

At the end of the day, always remember to be creative and have fun with your posts. Your fans are watching you and your enthusiasm will transform into their enthusiasm.

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