Is Your Business Prepared for Cloud Computing?

Cheryl Kowalczyk
July 24, 2013 — 1,494 views  
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A recent article published by CNBC ( defines cloud computing as “being able to access the Internet anywhere, anytime and being able to use any or all of the data and applications you want.” In order to do this, a business must have a reliable, secure Internet connection with as close to 100% network availability as possible.

With more and more businesses starting to transition into the cloud, Business Only Broadband (BOB) ( wants to stress the importance of having a diverse Internet connection that will allow a successful movement and operation into the cloud without the fear of losing critical Internet/data access.

Although cloud computing can save your business time, money, and storage space, it can fail if Internet/data access is disrupted. This is something that is o0entimes overlooked, and could ultimately end up costing your business more time and money than you actually thought you would be saving.

How do you make sure your business is completely prepared for cloud computing? The first step in moving to the cloud is to make sure your Internet connection is secure and reliable. You can do this by signing up with a service provider that offers you a 99% Service Level Agreement (SLA). This is an agreement that states you will receive at least 99% of what you signed up and paid for, which in turn, will protect your business and your investment. It is important that you do your research though because, there are several types of Internet service providers (ISPs) available and deciding which one or even which two, will depend on your business’ needs.

All ISPs offer reliability, security, and fast speeds. Since there are pros and cons with each type, BOB continues to stress the importance of using two completely diverse carriers that don’t cross paths, if Internet/data access is mission-critical for your business, whether for your Disaster Recovery (DR) or Business Continuity (BC) plan, or if your business is looking to move to the cloud.

Cheryl Kowalczyk

Business Only Broadband

I hold responsibility for Sales and Marketing development and management to help achieve corporate goals and initiatives. BOB is the culmination of experience, technology and the recognition of ever-growing Internet bandwidth requirements.