Why Should You be Using Marketing Automation?

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June 11, 2013 — 1,570 views  
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Marketing automation has been made possible by technology. The software platforms used by organizations and marketing departments make use of triggered messaging to relay data and information at regular intervals. So, this platform goes a long way in reducing human error and increasing efficiency.

Tools used in marketing automation are designed to understand customers so as to develop strategic plans that can perform at least 3 key functions – developing and analyzing customers as well as marketing campaigns, managing the same, and storage as well as organization of appropriate data. Marketing automation systems, when fully developed, are capable of generating demand, managing lead, scoring, and nurturing lead leading to sales effectiveness. 

Strategies for Success

Marketing automation can be geared toward successful outcomes by integrating marketing with sales. This can be achieved with focus on three areas – work flow automation, marketing automation, and marketing intelligence. Marketing automation tools can track email and social media campaigns which can help sales and marketing teams to strategize. Marketing automation processes can be used to track a prospect’s activities.

The successful strategy uses a diverse range of data accessed through automation processes, which can be processed to strategize further marketing campaigns to build up sales based on the activities of the prospects. The key to success lies in appropriate content and smarter calls to action.  

Utilizing Marketing Automation

Marketing automation will be useless if it can’t be successfully utilized. One of the ways of utilizing marketing automation is progressive profiling. Data generated through the technology of progressive profiling can be utilized in the creation of shorter forms leading to increased conversion rates. It also helps capture lead intelligence, which is more valuable than accessed through other methods.

In addition to progressive profiling, there are several other ways in which the benefits of marketing automation can be maximized. These include social media publishing, smarter calls to action, smart lists, and lead scoring. It is possible to generate targeted information with a smarter call to action. Lead scoring will save time and let you engage with potential leads only. 

Importance of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is important for several reasons:

  • It saves time
  • It is more focused
  • It drives results, provided that data generated using triggered messaging is processed, filtered, and refined

The reason companies undertake massive marketing is to get results. Automation strategy can deliver results, while marketing and sales work synergistically to deliver relevant content based on progressive profiling.

Marketing automation strategy is actually an intelligent use of data to create valuable marketing leads and relevant content that aligns with the needs of buyers on one hand, and aligns with their buy cycle on the other. The approach is best designed to accelerate sales in addition to offering measurable ROI.

Marketing automation is not something new. Several automation packages have been in existence for a while now. But what has changed is increased refinement and sophistication in technology, with the consequence that marketing and sales efforts can now be combined with a deeper insight into the buyers’ behavior.

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