3 Reasons Why You should be Integrating Your Email and Social Media Marketing

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May 17, 2013 — 1,483 views  
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It is important for businesses to understand that both social media and email are excellent marketing tools. So, it is not the question of choosing one as the debate has been framed over the last few years. But the question to ask is how the two can be utilized together for optimum efficiency and to achieve business goals.

Social Media Complements Email Marketing

The inclusion of social media tools in the email campaign extends the reach of the email campaign. Links to tweets, likes, or shares on Facebook and other social media sites in email strengthens your reach. You may use social media to maximize your ROI for email campaign if your subscribers are ready to share an offer you mailed them. This might possibly drive new subscribers enticed by your offer.

You may possibly improve your brand’s reputation and awareness with the help of social media tools. Your customers speak their minds through social media. But the open discussion there makes you more popular if you are ready to communicate with honesty and sincerity. Constant communication will more likely endear them to you. Social media tools can be effectively utilized to grow your email list and similarly your email list can leverages social networking. One way to incorporate this is by integrating your newsletter to the Facebook landing page. 

Social Media to Boost ROI of Email Marketing

While email marketing campaigns can be costly, using social media for marketing costs nothing. So, one can possibly think of using social media to increase the ROI of email campaigns. This can be done using several strategies. If your offer interests your customers they may likely share the offer with their friends. Sometimes, you may have to motivate them to share by offering incentives.

You may indicate the same offer in your email campaign. Additionally, when you discuss the same offer on social media pages, such as Facebook or Twitter, you will likely drive fresh subscribers enticed by the offer you made.

So what you are basically doing is using email campaign to bring new subscribers to your Facebook or other social media page where you already have a large membership. Some of these new subscribers as well as the old subscribers can be active influencers who will already have a large set of friends and associates. So, your campaign has the potential to go viral.

Social Media can Improve Brand Awareness When Used with Email

Social media has a huge potential. It makes your product more visible than ever before. The notion of brand image was, until recent times, limited only to companies who could afford to invest huge amounts into campaigns. But social media has opened this opportunity for small businesses as well, without having to invest. While email marketing can enhance your reach, it is only through a social media campaign that you can hope to enhance your brand image. You can interact with a large number of friends or fans—whom a significant percentage are your customers or likely customers. They are people with good or bad comments.

How you respond to these customers determines in a significant way the direction your business can take. Many times people on social media sites are tolerant of follies and mistakes. So, when you explain them through direct interface, the chances are your reputation will soar and you may successfully create the brand image you wanted to.    

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