How Often should You be Monitoring Your Pay-Per-Click Data?

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May 13, 2013 — 1,604 views  
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Every internet business owner knows the importance of a PPC campaign. But the exact analytics of the same may not be known to everyone. The written description is critical in a pay per click campaign. The purpose of the written description is to attract targeted visitors, who are likely to be your buyers and not just any or every visitor.

What to Look for When Monitoring Pay-Per-Click Data?

Pay per click is one of the methods to optimize your website, so it is critical to monitor your PPC data at frequent intervals. When monitoring PPC data, you may want to know where most of your customers are coming from. E-commerce tracking will enable you to know this. Pay per click will also reveal other critical data pertaining to your business. You will learn the much needed critical information on how exactly you are making money.  

While monitoring your PPC campaign, it will help you to learn how much each visitor is worth for your site. You may need to do some computing here. Divide the number of visitors to your site for a certain period by the earning you make over the same period. For instance, if your site made a profit of $50,000 with 250,000 hits, each visitor is worth 50 cents. So, you may have to figure out how to pay under 50 cents per click. You may have to bid less for certain phrases.

Benefits of Frequent Monitoring

You can continue to be profitable only as long as you can continue monitoring your PPC campaign frequently. So, if you do not want to lose on the bid war, you need monitor PPC advertising constantly. PPC campaign involves risks and efforts so it must be planned. That’s how risks can be managed. You will need to monitor the campaign frequently. Since the competition for top ranking is intense, the bidding war can take the price high up. You will need to ask, whether it’s worth taking the risk.

It is for this reason that you need to constantly monitor the campaign. If you notice the bidding sum going north, it is best to drop the keyword and close your bid. You may then go on to try another keyword. The idea is not to pay too much on a particular keyword unless you want to lose. 

Consequences of Improper Monitoring

In case you can’t monitor your PPC campaign properly, you may end up as a loser without having met your goals. Your goals are to attract targeted visitors and convert them. In order to achieve this goal you will need to continue monitoring to determine if the chosen keyword is profitable for you. If not, you should immediately change the keyword.

If you do not monitor, the adverse business impact will be that you will continue to pay for the keyword that is not yielding results. You will also have no knowledge of the keywords that are performing well for your business. In other words, if a keyword is giving you profit even after costing more, it should be retained, but if you drop the keyword because of improper monitoring, you may lose the campaign as well as the business. 

Associaton of Strategic Marketing