How to Effectively Market to the Growing Hispanic Segment

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April 18, 2013 — 1,634 views  
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America is fast embracing multiculturalism, and the changing dynamics have produced new dilemmas for the various marketers who are required to reach the people whose language, customs, and tastes aren't the same as the “general market”. It will become more critical to have marketing plans that are culturally relevant as the diversity in the population increases and ethnic minorities such as the U.S. Hispanics gain more prominence. The present-day market trend makes it imperative for the marketers to analyze and adopt novel strategies in the same manner that they've allocated the corporate marketing resources through time, in order to use marketing to Hispanics to their advantage.

Be Culturally Relevant

Hispanic advertising is most successful when it's based on the careful insights which not only present precise glimpses of the Hispanic life and uses the Spanish language correctly, but also have some resonance with the audience and makes them realize that the advertiser has put in enough effort to understand their interests and values. You can use stuff like family, music, and humor as powerful triggers for the audience in this segment.

Speak the Language

Even though the Hispanic population in the United States may be from different countries, the underlying Spanish language is pretty much consistent. As some corporations have learnt the hard way, simply translating an advertisement or a sentence from English to Spanish can result in huge gaffes. Speaking the language fluently can be a huge advantage when marketing to Hispanic consumers.

Also, a sizable number of bicultural/bilingual Hispanics living in the United States prefer to speak both English and Spanish as the situation demands. By studying the audience's psychographic and demographic data, you can pinpoint on the language that is best suited for your efforts.

Mobile and Online

There may have been a “digital divide” among the general population and the Hispanic population, but it is fast shrinking in today's world. Also, the “mobile divide” isn't going to last for long as the 3G connectivity and web-enabled phones are fast penetrating this lucrative market. As such, the Hispanic community can be a fetching segment for various SMS programs. They're highly responsive and virtually untapped targets, especially the bilingual and English-preferring crowd, who are heavy mobile users.

There are various communication channels for effectively marketing to the Hispanic community with your messages. While they may use all types of media, studies have indicated a special inclination towards television and radio. The effective air-time of your ads or marketing techniques will generally be very small to make any real impact. However, having a comprehensive collection of print, broadcast, and direct mail can help in providing additional information to the Hispanic consumer so as to close the deal.

The Latinos in the U.S. generally follow the principle of adopt and adapt to the habits and customs of the country without losing their traditional systems. As such, marketers cannot simply use the strategies and conceptualizations that work for the general market for marketing to the Hispanic segment. This community follows acculturation, where the traditional and native values are integrated with the dominant cultural values of the U.S.

Associaton of Strategic Marketing