Google Announces Changes to AdWords - What Does that Mean For You?

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March 15, 2013 — 1,634 views  
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One of the largest platforms in online marketing, Google, has announced many changes to AdWords in the past few months. The new idea of enhanced campaigns to be incorporated through adword changes has many online advertising and marketing professionals wondering about the impact of this on their business campaigns.

Enhanced Campaigns Simplify Online Marketing

The new adword changes are aimed at simplifying online advertisement and marketing in the digital world of smartphones and tablets. These changes focus on the advertisement model centered on mobiles by improving revenue along with the way ads are distributed online.

Enhanced campaigns help online marketing professionals to modify their marketing strategies easily by using most accurate consumer statistics derived from CPCs, device usage statistics, locations, and keyword usage. This campaign is a chance to realize a long held dream for online marketers and advertisers.

Features of Enhanced Campaigns

Prior to the availability of enhanced campaigns, online marketing strategies had to be comprehensive in order to accommodate the specifications required for various devices like computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. However, with the adword changes, Google provides a single interface using which advertising professionals can deliver their content directly to users without the need for optimizing their campaign content for each device.

Another change is an increase in CPC (cost-per-click) of advertisements in mobiles using Google advanced search engine. Advertisers can use the advertising features of this search engine by default as a part of the enhanced campaign.

Google has also simplified bid adjustments enabling advertisers to choose the frequency of the mobile ads while compared to desktop advertising. However, online marketing professionals cannot opt to have only mobile advertisements and turn off desktop advertising.

Why Embrace Enhanced Campaigns?

There are many benefits to marketers from the adword changes that can be used to crank up online marketing strategies.

  • Geotargeting bid adjustments were only possible for mobile devices in the past. However, with the present changes in effect, marketers can use location data of all devices like PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets to adjust bids and increase their CPCs.
  • Mobile specific site links help advertisers to suggest specific links to smartphone users. Since the previous system had different campaigns for mobiles, tablets and PCs, marketers could provide specific site links to users depending on their needs. The overall change merged into one campaign that does not affect this feature.
  • Upgrade to conversions offers a method to keep track of CTCs (click-to-call) and application downloads using AdWords reports. Google also offers a conversion metric system of 60 seconds and more to avail the benefits of CTCs.
  • Ad-Extension Scheduling allows advertisers to schedule their advertisements and call extensions with specific dates and times.

Migrate From the Old System

Advertisers need to know that once they opt for enhanced campaigns they will not be able to revert to the previous AdWords version. Google will be in control of deciding the time and location of advertisements online due to which brands need to be smart in their investment strategies.

Small businesses can make the most out of these changes since they can take advantage of the benefits involved in mobile search advertising. All companies that wish to select enhanced campaigns need to change their account structure, bid adjustments, device targeting options, and understand the new structure to reap the benefits of this plan.

Associaton of Strategic Marketing