Effective Ways to Market to Teenagers and Their Parents

Associaton of Strategic Marketing
March 11, 2013 — 3,769 views  
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Marketing has a certain set of common rules that apply to both online and offline strategies. There should always be a definite target group to which advertisers communicate their ideas instead of voicing them out to the whole global population. There are many products and services centered on teen and parent audiences who are the toughest audiences that marketers have to face.

The Generation Z

The current generation of teenagers in the world population is unlike any other generation since they have been immersed in technology right from their early childhood days. They are more tech-savvy than most adults. These youngsters understand the working of computers, smartphones, and tablets to the extent of conquering any barrier they may encounter while exploring any new technology.

As the present teen population can easily access the Internet, they are well-informed about developments in the industry regarding any product or service that is aimed at them. This has made them one of the toughest critics for companies, as reviews and opinions of teenagers have a great impact on market statistics.

When it comes to a household, unlike previous generations, teenagers are respected for their opinion and treated like adults due to their individualism. They play a significant role in deciding what needs to be purchased for the household. However, when it comes to purchasing products that they require, parents often need proof about the actual need and value of the product in order to buy it. Due to this, teen and parent marketing has been quite difficult.

Game Plan A - Target: Teenagers

The first step towards teen marketing is to adopt teenage communication methods by using their lingo and interacting with them on platforms like social networks and blogs which are widely used by them.

Teenagers often seek to be heard, and companies can give them opportunities to express themselves by communicating their thoughts and ideas on a public platform. Marketers can connect with teenagers better on social networking sites by creating groups and pages according to the likes of different teenagers and advertise their products in a way that would be appealing to these youngsters.

Every teenager strives to make a difference and no teen likes to feel insignificant. Brands can build a relationship with teenagers by encouraging them to participate in various activities and volunteer for promotional programs. Teens also love innovation, and often believe in companies that dare to innovate. By providing them with chances to participate in the process of innovation by holding contests and giving away freebies, businesses can market their products effectively.

Promotional campaigns, visually appealing designs, unique specifications of products, and excellent content can make teenagers get attracted towards brands. Marketing professionals only need to make use of the social media to forge a connection with teenagers and convert them into buyers.

Game Plan B - Target: Parents

Teenagers can be quite skeptical about products and services but their parents have the final deciding authority. Parent marketing requires a lot of effort as parents would need to be convinced about the authenticity of the product or the need to buy it. Marketing campaigns that focus on the value of the product, and how it can help teenagers in a constructive manner, would be more successful in convincing parents.

Associaton of Strategic Marketing