Incorporating Gamification into Your Website

Associaton of Strategic Marketing
February 18, 2013 — 1,505 views  
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Gamification is a term used for the incorporation of game mechanics in situations other than games, such as website interface. It is mainly used to keep users engaged and increase the traffic to a website. Its application is said to improve website engagement, return on investment, website traffic, and bring in more positive user feedback.

The main reason that gamification works is that it brings an element of fun to your web-pages. Studies have shown that when something is made to feel like a game, it becomes visually stimulating and mentally engaging. This encourages users to stay on the website longer and explore further.

Reasons why you should Include Gamification on your Website

  • When you include game elements and game mechanics in your web-pages, it shows your users, especially the younger generation that you are technologically competent. Your business will seem young and fresh and hook users almost immediately.
  • Gamification is known to encourage users to promote the site and spread the word. Online experiences are becoming more and more popular, so people are more likely to invite friends too. Instead of hearing about your website through an ad, or stumbling upon it by chance, users will hear about it through friends and social media, giving you a wider audience faster than ever.
  • There is a level of transparency between you and the user. By giving users goals or “quests”, you explain what you expect them to do. They unlock quests as they explore the site and it makes the user more likely to navigate and explore the web-pages.
  • It builds your reputation. Your website represents you or your organization, and gamification tells users that you are in tune with the times. People have a positive image of your website and this creates positive feedback and response.

Gamification Techniques to Follow

Many websites are incorporating gamification into their interfaces, but keeping the experience unique can be a challenge. Here are a few types of gamification techniques that have received positive feedback from users:

-         Users earn achievement “badges”
-         Users gain levels as they unlock achievements
-         A progress bar to show how close the user is to completing the current task
-         Virtual currency and a virtual shop
-         Rewards and points that can be redeemed
-         Competition between users
-         Embedding casual games within other activities

Tips to Incorporate Gamification

Website engagement is turning into an art through game mechanics. There are, however, some tips to follow when you incorporate game mechanics on your site.

  • Understand your user and identify what you want to influence on them.
  • Take the time to understand what motivates your user
  • Design a user interface that is engaging and not forced. If the gamification is too stale, your website traffic may dwindle away.
  • Find ways to motivate your user and keep them hooked. If rewards are too difficult or too easy to obtain, users will become discouraged.
  • Use language that will appeal to the users you’re targeting. Think about what your website promotes and stick to a theme.
  • Make sure the information on the website is the key that’s going to retain your visitors. Don’t let the game mechanics outshine the content; otherwise, you may find that people are there only for the games, not to explore what you are offering them.

With more technologically-savvy customers and web-users, now is the time to incorporate gamification into your website.

Associaton of Strategic Marketing