Why You Need to Have a Welcome Series

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February 8, 2013 — 1,554 views  
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Having a Welcome Series gives you an opportunity to engage, educate, and acknowledge your subscribers. The program starts with an email that expresses a sincere ‘thank you’ to your customers and sometimes speaks about special deals or offers. The series also contains educational information like how-to videos, best practices, special offers, rewards, and tips to capture the interest of the user.

Welcome Series emails outperform the usual promotional emails by giving higher number of responses and providing more revenue to the company. These emails also help in educating the customers on how to use the services and products they have bought from your company.

Components of the Email

A Welcome Series email should acknowledge the customer’s loyalty and also invite him to take a look at the different offers related to your brand. Below are some of components of an effective Welcome Series email:

  • Address the interest of the user: Users often give information such as name, gender, and country when they open an account. Use the information you have received about the user to personalize your email.
  • Brand promotion: Try to make your email as engaging and attractive as possible. You can input photos in your email that direct the user to your website when they click on them.
  • Drive engagement: Request your subscribers to become members of a loyalty program or rate the experience they had with the product.
  • User preference collection: The information that users provide in their profiles are valuable. This information can be used for your future emails to the subscribers.
  • Social sharing: Make the process of posting information about your products on social networking sites uncomplicated and easy.
  • Timing: Emails that are part of the Welcome Series can be sent months, weeks, or days after customers sign up with your company. Choose the timing that suits your brand and business the best.

Categories of the Welcome Series Email

Two categories of emails fit in the Welcome Series: ‘Informational’ and ‘Thank you’ emails.

‘Thank you’ emails are corresponded when prospects or customers opt for your email list. Opting for such email occurs at various touch-points, like in-store POS, during an e-commerce process, on your company website, or when users join your loyalty clubs/rewards and exclusive deals or programs. First contact with the user confirms or acknowledges the user’s subscription, conveys the value proposition of the Welcome Series, and sets the tone for future communication.

Informational emails give your customers useful information about your brands, products, programs, credit cards, and loyalty clubs. The four types of emails conveying information are:

  • Loyalty clubs: The email has information about joining the program and its benefits. It contains special offers, product updates, and private sales information that are available to members only.
  • Product: It contains description and pictures of products on offer or sale.
  • Credit card: It contains promotional messages and benefits of acquiring a credit card from the company.
  • Brands and stores: It contains company newsletters and details of its sister brands.

How to go About Sending Such Emails

Placing emails in the Welcome Series has a lot of impact on its performance. The first welcome email gives the highest response in transactions and clicks, and provides more revenue on each email. Some of the top elements you should consider when you are starting a Welcome Series campaign are your goals, target audience, and the message you are going to communicate to the customer.

Communicating the right message in the right email is critical. For instance, the first email in the series should not be about promoting brands and products but should include a welcome message. Brand promotion can be incorporated in the third or fourth email in the Welcome Series. A Welcome Series is a good way to create long-lasting relationship with the user and also to promote your products and brands.

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