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February 4, 2013 — 1,445 views  
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With more and more people using social media, it has become imperative for organizations to manage and maintain their social media profiles in a rather planned and effective way. This is challenging, as you would need to respond to comments and queries that could be both negative and positive. This way, you will only increase the trust and empathy of your customers and garner more positive comments gradually.

Actively Engage Your Target Audience

The most important factor that goes on to help in enhancing and spreading your business would be how actively you can engage your target audience. It is important to maintain a consistent interaction with your clientele and once the number of people visiting your company website starts increasing, then it is important for you to maintain them so that they keep coming back with positive comments. Those companies that manage this aspect successfully ensure that they include product information in an interesting way along with graphics and pictures to increase the interest level of the audience. 

Make your Brand More Personal and Human

Another important part of social media optimization is to make your website more personalized with a human touch, because the prospective customer is not only interested in what products you are selling but is equally interested in why you are selling them. Social media is a good way of building a brand and also revealing how the brand originated and developed into what it is now, which strikes a chord with the customers. It is important to build a connection with consumers, particularly with potential customers in a rather personalized manner, which will lead to positive comments and feedback and increase your website’s search engine rankings as well.

Provide Good Customer Service

It is also important to provide exceptional service to your customers so that they are satisfied with the experience and return back to use your services and products. Being proactive in updating your customers with vital information is very important if you want to avoid negative customer feedback and a subsequent exit of customers from using your services. You should be there to listen to the customer patiently and cater to their problems with viable solutions. There may be instances wherein customers leave either negative or positive comments, however, it is imperative for the company to respond to either of them in an effective manner.   

Avoid Overselling

Social media marketing does not imply overselling your product or services to the extent that it appears like those kinds of sales alerts/advertisements which annoy customers. Try to post and highlight about important events like a big sale or a discount offer, but limit that to only a few times which works like a reminder.  Bombarding your clients with sales promotion mails and links often instigates customers to give up a particular brand/company. 

Other Tips

There are other ways in which you could improve your presence on the social media platforms and one of them would be to advertise your company through various mediums such as business cards, billboards, and TV commercials. You could also add social buttons to your website that can connect you to your company profile pages in social media.

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