What Are the Top Five Marketing Trends in 2012?

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August 3, 2012 — 1,762 views  
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Examining customer behavior gives you the chance to support your current clients and attract new consumers. While finding the best way to reach your clientele can be challenging, check out the following marketing trends to get a better idea of how to effectively reach your audience in 2012.

1. Marketing automation

A variety of systems are available that you can use to automate your marketing efforts. These platforms are useful, as they allow you to reach a wide audience without a vast amount of resources. However, you should consider the short- and long-term impact of your marketing campaigns when deciding whether or not to use an automated platform.

For instance, marketing automation typically fails to offer users the ability to track customer interaction history. While it can be helpful to reach a large group in a short period, the system could limit your expansion and revenue potential.

2. Consumer lifecycle

Businesses that can reach customers at any time give themselves an excellent chance to be successful. The consumer lifecycle allows them to do just that, as companies can engage new customers and long-time clients with specific materials that suit them well.

3. Customer intelligence

Being able to understand your customers' backgrounds and experiences can play a critical role in your business' growth. Customer intelligence enhances a company's ability to drive new client acquisition and create upsell opportunities through its intricate system.

With customer intelligence, businesses can use a wide selection of data about their clientele to identify opportunities to reach customers in new, innovative ways. This presents a number of marketing chances to develop high-quality content to draw consumers.

4. Big data

Accumulating a great deal of information about your customers will serve the short- and long-term needs of your company. In 2012, more companies could invest resources toward getting to know about their clients, as this could present new marketing opportunities. 

Many companies face the challenge of reaching clients while dealing with fierce competition. Businesses that understand how to collect data and get feedback from their clients about their products and services may notice significant profit increases this year.

5. Social media

Consumers are everywhere, and more businesses are utilizing social media to attract new consumers.

Social media presents plenty of free marketing opportunities, as Facebook, Twitter and other user-friendly platforms deliver immediate access to consumers. Businesses that immediately use these social networks can ask customers' questions, conduct polls and interact with clients in ways that could generate long-term relationships. 

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