Effective Email Subject Lines

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July 9, 2012 — 1,614 views  
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Email is often your first line of communication with a professional contact or a potential client. Therefore, email marketing is an important aspect of any marketing campaign among industries, from retail businesses to software companies.

Sending emails with the purpose of enticing customers to take advantage of sales, promotions and other events your organization is sponsoring is one of the most common reasons for email marketing. Additionally, sending emails to clients can strengthen your relationship and encourage customer loyalty.

In order to be successful in your marketing and professional communication endeavors, emails must be opened and read, making a compelling email subject line essential. Writing an engaging email subject depends upon effective subject line best practices.

For instance, do your best to send information to the correct target audience or the proper contact. Being relevant is one of the most important aspects of writing effective emails, and more specially, subject lines that will produce the results you are looking for. Knowing your target audience is important no matter the marketing solution, but especially when sending emails as your brand could be associated with email spamming otherwise. Furthermore, people who are not interested in your company or services are likely not going to open an email from you, thereby making your efforts pointless.

You should also strive to make your emails stand out among a full inbox without making it sound too salesy or too good to be true. A great way to grab a recipient's attention is by offering a discount or sale, or a question. However, be careful you are not being overly enthusiastic. When you write things like "act immediately," "one day only" or "best sale ever," a reader might feel like your email is a scam and will be less likely to open it. For this reason, consider also avoiding writing in all capital letters and using exclamation points. 

Also, your subject line should match the tone of your message. Recipients should be able to get a feel for your email before they open it just by reading the subject. Tell a customer why the email is to their interest, whether it's a late payment notice or an event they would be interested in. By doing this, you catch a reader's eye and encourage them to open the email.

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