Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Association of Strategic Marketing
July 3, 2012 — 1,372 views  
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Social media marketing has grown in popularity as Facebook and Twitter users devote more time to their accounts. Connectivity is at an all-time high, and as a result, corporate brands and organizations are trying to reach potential customers and retain current clients through the medium. However, before marketers can use this tool effectively, they need to be aware of the best practices and potential pitfalls involved.


Here are three social media mistakes to avoid:


1. Spamming. While updating a profile consistently is good practice for social media marketing professionals, too many Tweets or Facebook posts can become spam and begin to annoy brand followers.

2. Being too formal. Social media is an informal and conversational space. Use warm and engaging language to support interaction from followers. Facebook posts or Tweets that seem to be devoid of personality can turn customers off.

3. Disconnected accounts. Connect a social media account to your corporate website and other social media profiles. Consumers are increasingly navigating between a business’ website and its social media accounts to learn about the core values of the brand.

Association of Strategic Marketing