Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

April 30, 2012 — 1,590 views  
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LinkedIn is a professional social networking site that allows people to expand their network, make business connections, learn about job opportunities and find potential job candidates. It is also a great resource for companies to expand lead generation. This resource offers a chance to further spark consumer interests and increase inquiries into your services or products. 

According to a study by HubSpot, LinkedIn is 277 percent more effective for generating leads than Facebook or Twitter, so it's important to utilize all it has to offer. The first way your business can do this is by joining LinkedIn groups. This makes finding your target audience easy. If you own a Boston advertising agency, join several groups that pertain to not just your industry and location, but people and business that could be interested in your services such graphic designers or restaurants owners.

Consider doing pay-per-click advertising with LinkedIn as well. This can attract more visitors to your LinkedIn page, generating more interest in your brand. You should also fill out every portion of your company page so consumers and businesses are more likely to find you. Finally, use basic keywords in the summary section to boost SEO potential and consider a catchy headline so people will want to read your page.