Three Tips for Writing Compelling Subject Lines

April 26, 2012 — 1,354 views  
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When it comes to marketing your company, services or products, email is often your first chance of communication with a potential client or professional contact. In order to be successful in your marketing endeavors, these emails must be read and a compelling subject line could be the key. Consider these three tips to writing an engaging email subject line.

1. Be relevant. Do your best to send information to the proper contact or correct target audience. People who are not interested in your company or services are likely not going to open an email from you. Once you have the right recipients, make sure the subject conveys what you are addressing in the email and how it will be beneficial to the client.

2. Grab attention. You can help your email stand out among an inbox of junk mail by grabbing a recipient's attention with an offer, such as a discount or sale, or a question. This should draw a person's eye to your message and get them wondering what the email has to say.

3. Keep it short and concise. List the most important information first and keep a subject line to the point. You don't want critical information to be cut off by the inbox character limit, causing customers to miss the point of the email.