Five Content Marketing Tips

April 24, 2012 — 1,469 views  
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Content marketing refers to using content as a means of engaging customers. The goal of content marketing is to grab their attention and convince consumers to take action by providing them with relevant information. A business should consider these five content marketing tips to master this strategy.

1. Make the first impression count. Begin with an interesting statistic or question to get the reader's attention so they're enticed to read more.

2. Use graphics. A picture can make a person pick up marketing materials or read a company's blog post if it's interesting and relevant. Consider including infographics that back up or expand on the content.

3. Target your audience. The more the content can speak directly to the client, the better. When a message is tailored to a client's specific needs or wants, the more likely he'll be to make a profitable action and become a loyal customer.

4. Write in a compelling manner. In order to really engage consumers, content will need to be compelling, well-written and unique. If content is poorly written, it can be very damaging to the brand and ineffective in the long run.

5. Be consistent. A random newsletter is not going to have the same effect as a consistent blog in terms of keeping customers engaged. Regularly provide them with material that interests them and keeps the business fresh in their minds.