Utilizing Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages

April 20, 2012 — 1,359 views  
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These days Facebook is not just a place to stay in touch with friends and families, it's also an important resource for companies to make an impression with customers. Businesses can do this by making sure they are utilizing their Facebook Brand Pages to their full advantage.

The Facebook Timeline is a new feature that has been implemented to the social networking site. It allows customers to visit a brand page, click on any year and find out what was happening in the company during the given time. This provides a business with the opportunity to express an engaging story, as it can be filled out to as far back as 1800. A company can use this to show how far they've come and all the products or services they have offered.

The new layout and cover photo can make a faster impression on visitors as it's easier to navigate and the brand is more pronounced.  The cover photo allows a company to be creative with branding. A business can use the smaller picture for the company name or logo and the cover photo to show customers what they're all about. For instance, a pizza parlor could use a picture of a delicious pizza for the large photo.