Do You Need a Social Media Policy?

April 17, 2012 — 1,376 views  
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The ever-increasing popularity of the internet and online services has caused social media to become an intrinsic part of our personal and professional lives. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are now commonly used in the workplace, and many marketing managers and company executives are wondering if they need a social media policy.

One very important factor that must influence your company's social media campaign is the issue of privacy. Do your employees regularly handle or distribute information that may be time-sensitive or private? If this is the case (such as in the music and entertainment industry), you should take care to set up regulations to ensure data is not posted to a Facebook page before the time is right.

However, there are many benefits to a social media policy as well. If you need to promote a corporate brand image or build buzz around a trade show, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts can link to websites that contain critical information about a promotion or event. These pages can be personalized to allow customers to interact directly with company representatives, and the resulting channel of communication is hard to duplicate anywhere else.