Using Pinterest for Business

April 6, 2012 — 1,679 views  
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Pinterest is becoming an increasingly popular platform that allows members to share content by pinning images and videos onto their pinboards. A pinboard organizes the things a person is interested in into different categories such as crafts, recipes, home decor and travel destinations.

Although the sharing service does not want a lot of self-promotion, and certainly doesn't want any spam, companies can create a Pinterest pinboard as an additional way to connect with customers. Perhaps the most obvious way a retail business can do this is by pinning pictures of products, whereas a restaurant could post images of dishes and recipes.

However, a company should also use their pinboards to expand on the interests of their target audience. For instance, Lilly Pulitzer Inc., a designer brand loved for its bright, floral prints, has a pinboard titled "Live Colorfully," where images of colorful rooms, home decor, architecture and food are pinned.

This is helpful because if a person stumbles on one of these images, they may be led to the business's main pinboard. A company can then direct customers to their blog or website by cross-promoting, leading to greater brand exposure.

A company could also make pinboards with infographics and informational articles to better explain its industry, products or services. Pinboards could also be a great way to display photos of employers or happy customers.