LinkedIn Guidelines for Personal Branding Success

Jasmine Sandler
March 20, 2012 — 1,742 views  
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1. Define your personal brand first to help you determine your LinkedIn profile. Ask your colleagues, clients for your top 3 personal strengths and how they view you as a powerful brand.

2. Create a professional photo or have one shot professionally and headline that reflect your personal brand.

3. Create a keyword list for your own personal brand based on what the brand is as well as what phrases you think people will type into the LinkedIn search bar to find someone like you.

4. Use 4-5 of your top keyword phrases and start to write your headline and profile.

5. On your profile, you want to write your description and summary in 1st person. LinkedIn should feel like live networking. Get people to start to really feel you as a person.

6. Use bullets in your profile summary to highlight what you have done and can do for them.

7. Use as an application to pull in any videos or pdf’s of you or the work that you have done to share on your profile to make it come more alive.

8. Reach out to all clients and colleagues that you have worked with who can give you a positive testimonial and ask them to write something to support your personal brand and post on your LinkedIn profile.

9. Use Slide share as an application to load and share on your profile your latest delivered presentations.

10. Create a blog on Wordpress and pull in using the typepad Linkedin app to display your latest blog posts to support your personal brand.

11. Spend at least 5-10 minutes a day on LinkedIn getting involved in:

  • Asking questions related to serving your clients
  • Answering questions related to supporting your personal brand
  • Getting involved in related Groups Discussions
  • Updating your status with providing information and resources to help people in your network
  • Commenting on status posts in your network
  • Making any new updates to your profile

12. Create and nurture your own group that supports your personal brand

Jasmine Sandler