LinkedIn Marketing Helps Businesses Succeed

March 8, 2012 — 1,329 views  
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Social media marketing has taken on a life of its own. Today, professionals use the power of online networking to build brand reputation and convert leads to sales. However, some business owners are too quick to turn to sites like Facebook and Twitter, neglecting the power of LinkedIn for sales purposes.

It's essential to realize how beneficial LinkedIn marketing can be in reaching higher profit margins. The website has numerous promotional avenues business owners can travel down in order to increase brand exposure, garner contact information and process transactions. In fact, LinkedIn has one of the most successful pay per click (PPC) options, which help marketers tailor advertisements to best address the needs of their target audiences.

Unfortunately, PPC is not always effective, as a majority of consumers don't make purchases the first time they visit a brand's page. This is why LinkedIn networking is so important for lead conversion. Unlike Facebook, which uses an EdgeRank-like algorithm to show users the most "liked" status updates, LinkedIn publishes every single post made by a business on the news feeds of its followers. Therefore, any time a brand posts content that may cater to the unique needs of buyers, it's more likely to be seen on LinkedIn than on Facebook.

When it comes to marketing on LinkedIn, business owners may want to use a combination of PPC and personal engagement to garner the most traffic and turn the highest profits possible on the web.