Six Ways to Increase Sales on your eCommerce Sites

Julie Bodine
March 15, 2012 — 1,422 views  
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Conversions on eCommerce sites are much more difficult than what could be achieved from inside a store.  If the statistics from are anything to go by, the industry averages for eCommerce site conversions are paltry at a 2.2% conversion rate. In fact, the best performing eCommerce sites only average a 12% conversion rate. The mere act of optimizing website conversions can help increase profits by a healthy 33%. Here are some time-tested ways to push more sales off your eCommerceventure:

Develop original, optimized, lean web copy

Web copy is powerful. There are no two ways about that. First, develop a blog for your eCommerce site (this is a minimum) and write out good, informative and personalized content. Second, make sure you write profit-pulling copy for product descriptions. Bland and boring copy doesn’t sell. You’ll have to find a way to activate the emotional buying triggers when customers reach your website.

Use professional images & deploy image-rendering tools

Buy licenses for stock photos (free royalty stock photos are for non-eCommerce sites) and use them to add a visual appeal to your content. You ay even hire a professional photographer to bring out unique, high-resolution photos for your products. Images play a vital role in conversions as we explained in a previous post.

If you have an eCommerce site running on powerful engines like NetSuite, web add-ons such as Product Quick View reduce the website loading times apart from enhancing the shopping experience. Other web add-ons like Image Color Swap helps to render highly customized images for customers based on their inputs (such as color).

Leverage the power of social media

Social media is unavoidable. It’s an indispensible channel for marketing, brand awareness, brand recall and customer engagement. Start with basic foundations such as a well-built Fan Page. Make it interactive and engaging. Although you can have a Facebook store using apps like Facebook NetSuite store, focus more on community engagement than selling. Let your main eCommerce site do the heavy lifting, as far as conversions and sales are concerned.

Make the checkout process a no-brainer

Cumbersome checkout is the biggest obstacle for lack of conversions. It’s also the leading cause for shopping cart abandonment. Consider they have the patented one-click button, fast loading website, an intuitive cross-selling and upselling mechanism which recommends more products based on customer behavior, etc. Test your checkout process. If it’s taking too long for you to buy a product, it’s killing your sales. If you are using NetSuite’s eCommerce engine, our One-step Checkout product helps you achieve a simplified, fast and efficient checkout for your customers.

Let it stick

When you make something stick long enough, it’s inevitable that it’s noticed. Push your best selling, relevant, and high converting products to customers while they browse or shop on your website. A good way to accomplish this is to deploy a mini-shopping cart that’s updated regularly to the top right corner of your website. When buyers are ready, they may click on the cart for checkout straightaway. Our Floating Shopping Cart application for NetSuite is a good example of a tool that allows for this functionality.

Track to learn

Where do your buyers come from? Who are they, really? How long do they stay on your website? What do they? How does the visitor flow look like? When they drop off a page, where do they go from there? A good eCommerce site doesn’t just sell well; it also keeps track of exactly what happens to its customers. Google Analytics is powerful and free software that allows you to do all of this. Add our Google Analytics application for NetSuite and you have Google Analytics on steroids.

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Julie Bodine


Julie Bodine is the Marketing Manager at Sererra Consulting, responsible for maintaining & developing marketing strategies to meet organizational objectives. She has a BA in English from Whittier College and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.