Directory Submission and Social Bookmarking

Mascar Rooney
August 16, 2011 — 1,465 views  
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Directory submission is highly effective in driving traffic to your site. You will only get targeted traffic if your site is listed in popular directories. Instead of submitting to all the directories, you can submit to the top 200 directories that have pagerank. Submitting to directories with pagerank 0 will never bring traffic to your site because those directories don’t receive enough traffic. However, submitting to the directories can help you to increase backlinks. If you have a lot of free time, you can submit to all the directories. The directories that have same IP addresses should be avoided. To make sure the listings are indexed, you can use a variety of titles and descriptions. You can use a unique title and description every 20 directories.

The most popular directory is the Dmoz and Yahoo directory. Dmoz submission is reviewed and approved by a group of volunteer editors. If your website is listed in Dmoz, many affiliated search engines will crawl and index your site in their databases. You will also find that you are ranking in a higher position for your keyword. If you want to get listed in Dmoz, you must have something unique to offer to the visitors. For example, if your store sells unique T shirt with designs created by you, the editor will consider including you in the directory. Yahoo directory offers a paid listing that cost $299 per year. It is expensive but it can possibly help your site to rank for several targeted keywords in the Yahoo search engine. If you don’t want to buy the paid listing, you can submit your site as a free listing.

Social bookmarking is a common method used by webmasters to driver traffic to their site. In order to get traffic to your site, your article must have a lot of votes so that it can be listed in the front page. The title of the post must be interesting so that people will be attracted to read it. If your title is dull, no one will bother to read it. You can refer to the posts that rank on the top positions in the front page. You can analyze their title and description and learn the tactic they use to make their post have high vote count.

Another way to help your post rank in the front page is to create a large network of friends. There are a number of social networking sites that allow you to befriend with members. Examples of social networking sites that allow you to befriend members include Digg, Twitter, and Facebook. When you have a lot of friends, it will be easier to promote the product to them. The followers are more receptive to your promotion and will visit your site. Hence, the more followers you have, the more referral traffic you can drive to your website. If possible, you can ask your friend to help vote for you post. If they agree to vote for your post, you must also return the same favor to them.


Mascar Rooney is the author of this article on directory submission.Mascar Rooney is the author of this article on Manual directory Submission Service.

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