An Overview of LinkedIn Company Pages

Patrick Soules
January 25, 2011 — 1,615 views  
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If you aren’t already taking advantage of LinkedIn’s Company Pages, now is the time to start. LinkedIn Company Pages are essentially a profile page for your business. They are a great way to present your business to LinkedIn members. Company Pages consist of 4 main tabs:


The overview tab allows you to write a custom overview of your business. This is where you will tell your visitors who you are and what you do. You can upload a logo, list your company type, size, industry, location and even link back to your company website!

Anyone who works at your company who is a LinkedIn member will be listed on your Company Page as an employee. LinkedIn also added a “Company Follow” button in 2010 that makes it easier for members to connect with their favorite companies. By following a company, members will receive notifications about activity on the Company Page.


The careers tab allows you to post detailed job postings for your company. You have the option of collecting applications on LinkedIn and being notified by email or directing the candidates to an external website to apply.

Products & Services:

The products & services tab allows you to show off your products and services to highly targeted audiences. You can upload up to 3 custom banners (640 x 220 pixels) with URLs that will rotate display on your page.  You can even create different versions of the page for different audiences based on their profile content. For example, you could create a custom page that only displays to members who live in the United States.

When adding a product or service you will have the option to choose a category, upload a picture, add a name and description, add a promotion, list the product or services key features and add a link to your website or product page. You can even upload a video!

In addition to all of this, members can recommend your products and services using the new recommendations module. Finally there is a good way to show off your products and services on LinkedIn!


The analytics tab shows you information about your Company Page such as page views, how many people clicked on your links, member visits by industry and how many people are following your page. The analytics feature, although not very in depth, is a nice addition to the Company Pages.


LinkedIn Company Pages are a great platform to showcase your company and its products. With the massive amount of professionals using LinkedIn, it’s just a matter of time before this relatively new feature really kicks off. I highly recommend setting up a Company Page for your business if you haven’t already!

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Patrick Soules