Do's and Don'ts of Link Building

Gita Rao
November 8, 2010 — 1,617 views  
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Incorporate your keywords in the anchor text

It is necessary to place your keywords in the text of your anchor text i.e. your link, because this link is used by other sites to send visitors across to your site. Though, it is a tedious process with directories until and unless your company name contains your keywords. With substantial increment in your keywords, you may contact everyone linking to your website with a personalized request with regard to the text used in your link.

For instance, you may happen to be selling stuff toys. Then your anchor text must say so - 'Stuff toys' or 'kids toys' or 'soft toys'. And not just a simple 'click here.' When evaluating from the search engine's standpoint, the company or product specific anchor text gives search engines your page's theme while the latter doesn't even provide any kind of hint.

Note: Your links will appear natural to search engines only if they are not similar. Manage links smartly; there should be slight yet easily noticeable disparity making them look as original as managed by their owned site. Since your company and product name can bring to you a host of opportunities. Perform every little task flawlessly to grab the attention of your customers and make it look natural to search engines, as per their point of view. This technique will make a huge difference in your future business prospects. For, it is the anchor text that tells the search engines and rest about the theme of your page.

Use deep links

Make use of deep links by not only placing them on your homepage but also on every sub-page of the website.

Watch out when using the nofollow tag

The incoming links from the off-site pages must not include the rel="nofollow" attribute within the source code of the link. The nofollow link renders the link not needed for your rankings purposes because Google does not approve your page for that incoming link.

Daunt away from link farms

Refrain from using anything that turns up to look like a link farm or a web ring. These occur in situations when page groups link to each other and do not get any incoming links from outside trusted sites. As by linking to untrusted sites you stand at the edge of getting penalized. Therefore one must be careful as to whom they link to. To stay on the safer side and benefit, your core aim should be to get mass links possibly from trusted sites. If you are not penalized then the possible gain that you would have received from the link will be reduced because of its spam-like nature. As far as SE protocol is concerned, linking back to untrusted or suspected sites in order to build page relevancy is of nil profit and can be harmful.

Who you link to makes a difference

If, for instance, you get links from untrusted and off-topic sites then they won't bring significant amount of increase in your rankings nor will blemish, rather may be of assistance. Entering the link exchange relationship with these sites is risky therefore it is recommended that you do not link back to them. At present the law is, incoming links will not harm you but out-going links to suspected sites will.

If you have no other option but to swap links with other websites then be very carefully when doing so because if a website is penalized due to spam violations then your site will also be penalized. In order to prevent such circumstances, it would be far better if you follow the below mentioned simple steps:

Firstly look up the sites you link to on search engines like Google to Yahoo. They should be listed on either one of them but if they are not then be warned. Despite this if you link to such sites, chances are your website may be penalized or banned. And if you link to sites not recognized by the search engines there is no point in doing so for it may not help in boosting your rankings.

And if they turn out to be listed, you may proceed to step two:

Determine who is linking to them. The more amount of incoming links there are, the better. If there are varied incoming links then it is better. Along with important sites being linked to them will be of more benefit. Their PageRank position will determine their importance on Google. Be careful when you link to sites with a page rank of zero as this may lead to your website being penalized too. If you happen to know any site to be good enough but lacks page rank then you must be cautious of it.

Thirdly, do not indulge in sites involved in contentious topics like hacking, loan websites, gambling, adult or pharmacy.

As a matter of fact, the site that links to you is not at stake but you are, because of the site you link to.

Profit should be one of the top goals

Everyone's basic primary aim is to make profit. Their main effort is to build and maintain a good rapport with customer and continue to serve them dedicatedly in order to expand revenue and enhance their work with experience. Start building relations with members from the same work sector as yours.

All know link popularity augments your website's search engine rankings to a certain degree. Most links do not target those specific links which actually you should be looking for.


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