Newsletter Advertising - 3 Simple Tips to Successful Ezine Advertising

Ladan Lashkari
March 29, 2010 — 1,435 views  
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There are many powerful ways to get targeted traffic to your website and ezine advertising is on the top of that list. What follows are a few tips to help you boost the results of your ezine advertising efforts.

Tip #1 - Before you do any type of ezine advertising, you should always subscribe to the list first. This way you can do some research such as find out how many ads if any are in each email, how many times they send out during the week, how many subscribers are on the list and the price of advertising in the ezine.

Tip #2
- You should try and place ezine advertising in publications that contain only two or three ads maximum per issue.

Always start off any ezine advertising with the most affordable spot first. If you get good results, then you can go for the higher priced advertising once the ezine has proven itself. By the way, you can get a great up to date listing of thousands of ezines at "".

Tip #3
- Make sure that you never try and sell directly from your ezine advertising. Your ads should have one purpose and that is to capture the name and email address of as many visitors as possible.

To accomplish this, you should offer a free report in your ads, then have the traffic go to a short web page where they can sign up to get the freebie. This way you are building your opt in list and will be able to your results by one thousand percent or more.

One other thing you should also do is set a comfortable monthly ezine advertising budget. Make sure you are getting a good return on your investment before sinking a ton of your hard earned cash into ezine advertising that doesn't provide you the desired results.

Ladan Lashkari

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