Eliminating The Three Major Obtacles Between You and Your Prospects

Joe Gracia
March 17, 2010 — 1,390 views  
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Obstacle One: Confusion
Your prospects are often confused about what they should do about their problem.

They may not be sure about what solutions are available, and which solution would be the best for them.

They are also confused about which companies provide these solutions and which company would provide them with the best solution, best service and best price.

To Eliminate Confusion . . .
You can help to eliminate your prospects' confusion by being one of the few company's that provides free, helpful information about their problem and possible solutions.

Of course, you would also include information about your products and services too.

Since few businesses go out of their way to help their prospects or customers eliminate their confusion, your business would stand out from the crowd.

Obstacle Two: Skepticism
With all the exaggeration and distortion of facts in the media today, it's natural for consumers to be skeptical of many marketing claims and promises.

Will the product really do what it says? Will I get what I pay for? Will it be worth the price? Will the company stand behind its products and services?

When prospects are skeptical . . . they don't buy. How can you be sure your prospects will not be skeptical of your promises?

To Eliminate Skepticism . . .
Make sure that you stand behind your products, services and promises 100%.

Do everything you can to let your prospects and customers know that you are an honest and ethical company to do business with.

A strong, money-back guarantee on your products and services will go a long way in gaining your prospects' trust.

Obstacle Three: Fear
What are your prospects afraid of? Same things you are when it comes to buying products and services.

They're afraid of sales pressure.

They're afraid they may look dumb, if they don't understand.

They're afraid of making the wrong decision--a decision that may cost them a fortune in lost time and money.

To Eliminate Fear . . .
Let them know up front that there will be absolutely no sales pressure.

Let them know that there will be no obligation.

Let them know that you will help them to understand your product or service in easy to grasp terms. No jargon.

Let them know that you are here to provide the information they need to help them solve their problem.

Replace the Three Obstacles . . .

Your prospects will buy from you if you can replace each of the three obstacles with the following . . .

Replace Confusion with . . . Certainty.

Replace Skepticism with . . . Trust.

Replace Fear with . . . Confidence.


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